ds30 HEX Loader

ds30 HEX loader is a boot loader that supports the following of Microchip’s microcontroller families:

  • PIC16F
  • PIC18F
  • PIC24F
  • PIC24H
  • PIC24E
  • dsPIC30F
  • dsPIC33F
  • dsPIC33E
  • PIC32

Its intended use is in embedded systems where it is not possible to run the ordinary ds30 Loader clients. It uses as very simple ascii protocol where the hex file is simply sent line by line to the boot loader. This makes it very easy to implement support in the users embedded application.

Main features

  • Supports CAN, UART, I2C and SPI operation
  • Performs write verification in firmware
  • Boot loader is protected from being overwritten
  • Delivered with the protocol description and sample applications (C, C#, Python)
  • Secure version is available


Package content

  • Target firmware for a single PIC/dsPIC.
  • Documentation including protocol description.
  • Sample applications written in C, C# and Python.
  • HEX file encryption utility with secure version.


ds30 Loader boot loader package
  Std Secure
UART € 200 € 350
I2C, SPI, CAN, USB € 300 € 450
ds32 HEX Merger € 50