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We had looked at bootloaders in general for the 30F4011, and your product came highly recommended by our local Microchip field engineer.
After comparing your product with other solutions, yours won hands down. I especially like the fact that we don't have to change the linker script.

Marv, anonymous company, USA

We’ve been using the version of ds30 Loader you customized for us to work with the 18F67J10 for a couple of years now.
Many hundreds of firmware updates have been applied over Bluetooth and GSM links in that time. It has indeed proven to be a very reliable tool.

Paul Kelly, Design Engineer

ds30Loader is the best PIC bootloader out there! We used it for several projects, both in the CAN and RS485 versions, and it worked flawlessly!
The wonderful GUI makes the use enjoying! Mikael is a wonderful person and he was really helpful during the development phase.

Angelo Compagnucci | Firmware developer | Italy